The Goddess Body Technique

The 3-Step Strategy to Shedding 25lbs of Stubborn Hormonal Weight in 2 Months or Less

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You’ll Learn:

✔️The Unique holistic 3-part strategy to shedding 25lbs in two months or less without giving up carbs or starving yourself

✔️ How hormonal imbalances you might not even know you have can cause highly stubborn, resistant body fat – PLUS how to target it

✔️The hormonal connection between stress, sudden life changes, and weight gain – as well as why it hits women harder than men

✔️ Why MOST weight loss programs are actually designed for Male physiology and rarely work for women – as well as which approach to take instead

✔️How women can ACTUALLY target belly fat, especially if it was caused by stress hormones and certain foods

✔️Why female bodies are more likely to make fat ‘off limits’ to our metabolism, driving us to crave CARBS or Dietary fat (e.g. keto) as our main source of fuel – even though we have TONS of body fat to burn, it’s like our body refuses to see it or use it

✔️How hormonal imbalances you might not even know you have are causing unsightly storage of fat pockets on your stomach, hips, love handles, thighs, double chin and more – and how to finally rebalance those hormones for weight loss

✔️ A 3-pronged holistic weight loss strategy that PROTECTS you from the diet rebound phenomenon of gaining back lost weight – without having to count calories or eat super strict for life

✔️Why taking ‘the long way’ to lose weight is actually ineffective for most people, and why taking a shorter, targeted approach based on hormonal rebalancing leads to better success rates while also preserving lean muscle mass more effectively

✔️How to shed weight while gaining a more feminine figure, more energy, and happier hormones with a tried-and-true synergistic approach

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Hosted by:

Erica L. Robinson – Doctor of Naturopathy Degree, Registered Holistic Nutritionist
Erica L. Robinson is an online Health Consultant. She’s helped thousands of clients from around the world with their health goals since 2008, with a special focus on helping women and their families. Her work aims to help women rebalance their hormones and shed weight naturally using a wholistic approach that decreases the chance of it coming back by addressing the root issues.